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Subtitle: Farmington, NM's #1 Storage Facility

Note: We are considered essential, but the office is closed to the public. You may call in payments or drop them off. 

Hutton Plaza Self Storage LLC 2503 E 20th St Farmington, NM 87401 (505) 516-0638
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Anonymous 02/01/21
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 01/18/21
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 11/28/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 10/05/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 09/26/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 09/11/20
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 06/04/20
Recommend: No
Not a secure place, Police not helpfull
The camera caught the man who broke into my unit by pounding on the wooden door lock hole. It showed him arriving after the gate was unlocked at 7AM, but before anyone was in the office. It also showed him riding off with my bike... Police were not helpful. It took a week before someone could actually look at camera footage. Don't keep your stuff here unless you want to get rid of it.

Jeff Adams 10/25/18
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